A Fairly Clumsy Baker

Hi! Welcome to A Fairly Clumsy Baker. In this blog I hope to share some great and not-so-great episodes of my cooking and baking life. Thanks for coming along!

Welcome to the adventure.

abandon all diets, you who enter here

Latest from the Blog

(Really) Slow Cooked Pork

Hello again! This week in “Using meat I have in the freezer and is about to go bad”, we had a huge piece of pork loin. Loin can be a bit tricky to cook, because it can come out very tough and dry, very easily. We took a piece and cut it into very thin… Continue reading (Really) Slow Cooked Pork

Everyone’s Favourite Quiche

Hi again! So this week my boss asked me to make her a quiche (and I love to help out with cooking). It’s a little arrangement we have: when someone comes over, or she just doesn’t feel like cooking but also doesn’t want to have pre-made food, I make her a quiche. Over time, I… Continue reading Everyone’s Favourite Quiche

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” Oh my god, this is so good I want to punch you in the face!”

Jess Day, New Girl S1E17

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