A Fairly Clumsy Baker

Hi! Welcome to A Fairly Clumsy Baker. In this blog I hope to share some great and not-so-great episodes of my cooking and baking life. Thanks for coming along!

Welcome to the adventure.

abandon all diets, you who enter here

Latest from the Blog

(Fairly) Quick Penne Ragú

Hey there! I don’t know if this is true for you guys, but when I don’t know what to cook, my mind tends to gravitate towards pasta. Think about it: it’s quick, it’s super tasty, it’s highly customisable, and above all else, it’s easy! So this week’s post is a simple but mighty penne ragú,…

Really simple Carrot Cake

Hello all! This week we bake. There are lots of options (too many sometimes!) when it comes to choosing a cake, but I feel like a carrot cake is a classic for a reason. Unfussy, uncomplicated, unpretentious. So let’s get to it! Ingredients: For the cake: For the icing: Method: Here is what my carrot…

Delicious steak with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Hi again! This week on the blog is a recipe that ticks all my boxes: it’s improvised, it uses ingredients that I usually have in my fridge, and it’s quick to make! What more can you ask? So last week I didn’t know what to do for lunch. I knew I wanted to use up…

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” Oh my god, this is so good I want to punch you in the face!”

Jess Day, New Girl S1E17

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