Hello World

Is there anything more stressful than putting yourself out there?

As an introverted person, fairly shy and not very open to new things, writing this post is basically the reason why my skin is breaking out in stress rashes.

For a long time (years…?) I’ve played with the idea of creating a food-related something. A blog? A website? An Instagram page? Who knows. Not me. But my husband, ever the helpful person, suggested I created a fun blog – somewhere I could just put my thoughts and experiments and just share them with the world. And so I did. And Fairly Clumsy Baker was born, on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, in our living room.

What do I hope to accomplish with this? Simply put, to share with you all my culinary education, my great discoveries and my fails. And maybe something else along the way, since I’m not known for focusing on just one thing at a time.

I hope you’ll come with me on this adventure. And thank you for showing up!


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